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the Epic Thrill

Utah's Premier Aerial First Person View Drone Service

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We can film action sports, lifestyle pieces, live broadcasting, and more! We also specialize in shooting indoors! We have a very unique way of showing real-estate in a fly through style perspective.

Please use the contact form to reach out and we would love to discuss what your needs are and get them met! We have completed a huge variety of aerial projects and have the know how to meet your needs! 

Your Creative Perspective

At Epic Drone Works we love creating! We are always looking for the next thing in the aerial industry and always strive to make your visions a reality through our years of experience! Seriously, If you have a shot you need, We can make it happen!

About Us

We are Lance and Eric, we are the friendly faces that can get your filming done! We have worked together in the aerial filming space and flown drones for over 7 years! We absolutely love what we do and can make your aerial needs a reality! 

We are local in Davis County Utah and service all of Utah and neighboring states.

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Hey, we are Epic Drone Works!

Please feel free to call us
at 801-230-1046 to get started.




Call or email us and get a FREE estimate.
First step is to understand your needs. This includes identifying the purpose of the drone service, the desired outcomes, and any specific requirements. Based on our conversation we'll provide an estimate and scope of work.


Drone Deployment and Operation
Once the planning stage is complete, we will deploy our cutting-edge drone technology and begin operations. Lance, our expert pilots will conduct pre-flight checks, monitor the drones in flight, and ensure that they are operating safely and efficiently. 


Editing and Video Creation
The final step in our drone service process is actually creating the video, using special software we are able to smooth the footage and turn it into a aerial masterpiece in the video editor. This step varies based on each project and is tailored to your needs!
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