Epic Drone Works

First person view drone filming used to get the unique shots that you need! Popular with action sports filming, showcasing local businesses, and showing real-estate in a unique perspective.

Welcome to my site. Here you can watch clips of my work, and find out more about my background and sources of inspiration. I’m super excited about the chance to showcase my work, and would appreciate your feedback. Contact me with question or if you’d like to collaborate on a project.


Your Creative Perspective

Since I was young I've always loved feeling free and sharing that view with others! That's why i started Epic Drone Works! The best way to feel free in my opinion is through FPV drones! Through this first person perspective, I am able to fly like a bird and film shots that would otherwise be impossible! I can make your creative eye for any specific film a reality! Seriously, If you have a shot you need, let's make it happen!


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